That are These folks That Keep Contacting Me on Facebook?
Several people have asked me recently why they received a buddy request from me, or why they receive weekly messages from me. And so i thought I'd come up with why this happens, to aid those people who are feeling "bombarded" understand where this is originating from.
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Social networking sites were begun to help people connect to friends and find friends they haven't spoke with inside a very long time. Nevertheless it wasn't well before people determined they might use these sites to advertise. Working out a lot of people receive after they enroll in a multi-level marketing company includes "make a list of friends and family" as a starting point inside their online strategy, when you curently have a listing on Facebook it might be natural to start there if you think maybe within this strategy. I personally found this to fall flat on its face and make us a member of the "NFL" (no friends left) club! Seriously, my true friends just said "no thanks" but that still didn't get me any new distributors!
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Nowadays, individuals who require to use social media to brand themselves and create their network marketing/MLM business are trained to:

 Reach out to those who are and in MLM/network marketing
 Form sets of the people who accept the bond
 Stay touching group members to brand yourself and create relationships

All of this is performed with the hope that someday that you can do business with a few of such people. But if happen to be on the receiving end famous this and you've got little interest in network marketing, you need to understand the way the MLMers are finding you! If you're in MLM but don't want to interact with others, I would like to speak with you together with let you know that you may gain advantage from accepting those connections!

Folks who're looking for other home business owners look in groups and fan pages on Facebook. For those who have joined any groups or fan pages that:

 Have MLM or Multi-level marketing within the title
 Have almost anything to use building wealth or home based business
 Are linked to a specific MLM/network marketing company
 Are associated with a prominent person in multilevel marketing (Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Dani Johnson, Mike Dillard, Jim Rohn, Mr . trump, Robert Kiyosaki)

If you're a person in such groups or fan pages which are public, I will practically guarantee you'll receive friend requests from individuals MLM/network marketing. You could send an email before accepting a friend request to ask about their purpose in order to connect, and reject the request unless you desire to connect.

Administrators of fan pages can send notifications to all members, and administrators of groups can send messages to all or any members. You might not have noticed the notifications (I didn't for some time) but you may see the messages, specifically if you receive email alerts once you receive a message (which you can turn off.)

The only real recourse I am aware of if you want to stop receiving the friend requests, messages, and notifications is to leave the sorts of groups and fan pages mentioned previously. Specially in the case of messages, some individuals send far more than the others to decide to eliminate just those who're truly annoying!